New Halloween Inflatables
and  Blowups with Sound

Inflatable outdoor blowups with sound include a hearse, haunted houses and a colorful airblown ship this Halloween.
Most of the popular new inflatables for the 2017 Halloween season are selling out, and fast.  We're trying to keep up with who still has them in stock so bear with us as we find them.  Walmart and EBay which are two of the best places online for Halloween stuff and Ebay is your best chance for the large 12 foot haunted houses and inflatable hearses for now anyways.  You can still find them at ebay at last check.  Our advise is if you see an inflatable or airblown Halloween blowup that you want, don't wait too long.

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Old and New 2017 Styles of Halloween Blowups and Halloween Inflatables with Sound

7 Foot Skeleton Playing Organ Halloween Blowup

This is one of the most popular 2017 halloween inflatables.  It's a cool Halloween blowup for your yard and self inflates in a minute or two.  It's about 7 foot high and is a skeleton playing the organ which lights up and also comes with some scary sounds. 

Skeleton Playing Organ Blowups

Ghosts & Pumpkins in a Tree Halloween Inflatables


NO SOUND - But still pretty cool Halloween blow up including one with a witch that crashed into a tree.  It's pretty colorful and a little scary but not too scary for the little kids.  This funny Witch is about 8 foot high when fully inflated and inflates in a matter of a minute or two.

Inflatable Scary Haunted Trees

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  • 6 Foot Crime Scene Blowup with Sound and Lights

    Scary Wagon and Carriage Halloween Blowups

    Airblown 9 Foot Inflatable Haunted House with Sound

    Haunted Pirate Ship Inflatables With Sound

    Airblown Halloween Inflatables Haunted House with Sound, 12' Height 17' Length

    This is not new this season and it's a pretty similar to the inflatable hearse from last season but instead it is
    a new 2017 Halloween blowup carriage in the shape of a pumpkin and the Grim Reaper is the driver.

    Airblown Halloween Inflatable Reaper Carriage with Horse


    One of the largest assortments of Halloween inflatables believe it or not is at ebay.  Most people think that you can only bid on products there.  They also have a buy it now feature on some of the products where a lot of reputable merchants sell their products at a fixed price and after looking the prices are pretty good on a lot of the blowups for this season.  Of course you can also have a little bit of fun getting in on the bidding and come up with an even better deal.  Last we checked they had some good bargains on the 8 foot and the 12 foot hearse with sound along with the 12 foot by 17 foot haunted house and many others that are unique and will be collectible inflatables.

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